Medical Equipment & Supplies


Therapeutic Shoes

  • Orthopedic and diabetic therapeutic shoes

  • Our staff can help you find the proper size, fit and style for you

  • We have casual, sport and dress shoes available

  • We can even help you get reimbursed from your insurance or Medicare or Medicaid


Bath Safety Products

  • We offer a full range of bathroom safety products

  • Benches, stools, support rails, grab bars, toilet seat handles, non-slip products, and more

  • We can make sure you have what you need to be safe


Nebulizers & Supplies

  • Nebulizers, peak-flow meters and inhaled medications

  • We can help you find the right nebulizers and supplies, and educate you on their use

  • We provide units for rent and for purchase


Diabetes Testing Supplies

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Wheelchairs & Cushions

  • We have electric self propelled options, traditional wheelchairs

  • Sporty options available

  • We also have accessories like cushions, attachable storage bags, cup holders and more

  • We are here to help you get the size and style that fits your needs best


Walkers & Rollators

  • Walkers and rollators

  • We have accessories like storage bags, fold down seats, trays, and cell phone holders

  • We will make sure you get one that fits you, and is the best choice for you


Canes and Crutches

  • Traditional crutches and canes

  • Folding canes, walking sticks, chair canes, forearm crutches

  • We will make sure you get the right one for your situation and needs

  • We will also make sure it is properly fitted to you and educate you on its use and care


Braces & Supports

  • Braces and supports for your joints and back

  • We are here to help you find the brace or support that is best for you

  • We can help you properly adjust the device for best fit and therapeutic effect


Compression Socks

  • Compression socks in many styles

  • We can assist you to find just the right type and fit for you.


Surgical Dressings

  • We have the supplies you need for after surgery

  • We can educate you on how to use surgical dressings

  • Tapes, clips, gauze, bandages, adhesives, ointments and gels

  • We help you find exactly what you need in the right size and quantity for your situation


Commodes & Urinals

  • We have many different models of commodes and urinals

  • We carry stand alone, portable, or traditional bedpan

  • We have liners and deodorants as well


Ostomy Supplies

  • Full line of ostomy supplies and accessories

  • We have several different brands and options for you

  • We can help you select the supplies you need and educate you on the proper use.


Daily Living Aids

  • We have devices like grabbers, openers, leg lifters

  • A variety of other devices that can help you get through the day when your motion gets restricted by a condition or trauma.


Enteral Nutrients

  • We have pharmaceutical grade nutrients

  • For patients that are receiving nutrition through a nasal or stomach tube

  • We can help walk you through their preparation and use


Urological Supplies

  • We have catheters for all situations for men and women

  • Tubing, lubricants, securement devices, bags, pads and caps

  • We can help you understand how to use these devices



  • We have powered scooters to help get you moving again

  • Choose from our stock or order a scooter

  • We can help you with reimbursement from your insurance as well