Pharmacy & Clinical Services


Prescription Dispensing

  • Full-service pharmacy

  • Courteous service

  • Modern and inviting atmosphere

  • Free delivery and mail service, online refills


Prescription Refill Synchronization

  • Aligns your routine medications so they come due together

  • It’s free

  • Monthly update call

  • Pick-up all your medications on one day each month


Medicare Part D Plan Selection Assistance

  • Navigating the options and choices of Medicare Part D

  • We have knowledgeable staff and the tools to help you

  • Comparisons of all available plans

  • We help you get the forms for the plan you select.


Convenient Immunizations

  • Walk-in or appointment-based flu shots and other immunizations

  • Our pharmacies can provide Influenza, Pneumonia, Shingles, Hepatitis, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis as well as Meningitis vaccinations

  • They screen for appropriateness and provide you and your doctor a record of your immunization

  • Some age restrictions apply


Pharmacist Care Services

  • We consult with you about drug side effects, drug interactions

  • We also help you find more economical solutions using generics or competitive drug companies

  • Insurance advice


Multi-Med Packaging

  • Packaging all the medications you take by dose and time

  • Marked with a specific time of day

  • Packaged into a simple, single tear-off *packet for that time and date

  • No more bottles or pillboxes to set up or remember


Patient-Specific Medications

  • When the standard medications need modification

  • Special forms like solutions, suppositories, sprays, oral rinses, lollipops and even topical creams and gels

  • At strengths that are not manufactured by drug companies


Medicine Cabinet

  • OTC items at deep-discount prices

  • No chain store madness

  • No low quality, grocery store off-brands

  • Quality Health Mart brand of generic items



  • Diagnostic insights from lab tests to help understand your health status

  • Blood work or other bodily fluids can be tested

  • The results are returned quickly and at a great price

  • Cholesterol tests, Thyroid-stimulating Hormone tests, Blood Glucose tests, vitamin and nutrition tests and many more are available


Affordable Diabetes Testing Supplies Program

  • 30-day supply of your blood glucose test strips for no more than $15

  • Get a free True Metrix system

  • A prescription is required

  • Links up via bluetooth with your telephone or computer for tracking *and analyzing your results


Advanced Automation

  • Complex pharmaceutical fulfilment

  • Advanced dispensing and packaging equipment

  • Quickly and routinely fulfill orders for multiple individuals

  • Computer automated efficiency and accuracy


Long-Term Care Services

  • Patients have a choice of pharmacies when they enter a long-term care nursing facility

  • Retain the same personal service you’ve come to expect by choosing our pharmacies

  • You’ll be dealing with a trusted, local provider

  • We work with the facility management